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  • Brain Injury Specialty Program

    A Brain Injury Specialty Program delivers services that focus on the unique medical, physical, cognitive, communication, psychosocial, behavioral, vocational, educational, accessibility, and leisure/recreational needs of persons with acquired brain injury. The program integrates services to:

    • Minimize the impact of impairments and secondary complications.
    • Reduce activity limitations.
    • Maximize participation, including wellness, quality of life, and inclusion in the community.
    • Decrease environmental barriers.
    • Promote self-advocacy.

    A Brain Injury Specialty Program recognizes the individuality, preferences, strengths, and needs of the persons served and their families/support systems. It provides access to information, services, and resources available to enhance the lives of the persons served within their families/support systems, communities, and life roles and supports their efforts to promote personal health and wellness and improve quality of life throughout their lifespan. The program demonstrates the commitment, capabilities, and resources to maintain itself as a specialized program for persons with acquired brain injury. A Brain Injury Specialty Program utilizes current research and evidence to provide effective rehabilitation and supports future improvements by advocating for or participating in brain injury research. A Brain Injury Specialty Program partners with the persons served, families/support systems, and providers from emergency through community-based services to foster an integrated system of services that optimizes recovery, adjustment, inclusion, participation, and prevention. A Brain Injury Specialty Program engages and partners with providers within and outside of rehabilitation to increase access to services by advocating for persons who have sustained a brain injury to regulators, legislators, educational institutions, research funding organizations, payers, and the community at large.

    Note: A program seeking accreditation as a Brain Injury Specialty Program must include in the survey application and the site survey all portions of the program (Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Program, Home and Community Services, Residential Rehabilitation Program, and Vocational Services) that the organization provides and that meet the program descriptions. Please refer to the Glossary for the definition of acquired brain injury. 

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