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  • Occupational Rehabilitation Programs

    An Occupational Rehabilitation Program is individualized, focused on return to work, and designed to minimize risk to and optimize the work capability of the persons served. The services provided are integrative in nature, with the capability of addressing the work, health, and rehabilitation needs of those served. Such a program provides for service coordination and management of those persons served with injuries or illnesses. In view of the multiple stakeholders involved in Occupational Rehabilitation Programs, informed consent to obtain or share information about the persons served is provided by the persons served as required.

    The program may be provided as a hospital-based program, an outpatient program, or a private or group practice, and/or it may be provided in a work environment (at the job site).

    NOTE: For Canadian providers of Occupational Rehabilitation Programs, the concept of occupation is broader than a person’s employment and might include functional roles such as homemaker, student, volunteer, etc.

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