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  • Person-Centered Long-Term Care Community

    Person-centered long-term care communities, such as nursing homes or long-term care homes, may include freestanding homes, homes that are part of continuums of care, or homes that are part of health systems. Person-centered long-term care communities are residential programs that provide nursing and other services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Programs may offer long-term services, short-term services, or both to address a variety of needs.

    Person-centered long-term care communities foster a holistic culture that focuses on:

    • Autonomy, dignity, and individual choice of the persons served.
    • Relationships among persons served, families/support systems, and personnel.
    • Understanding what services persons served want, how the services should be delivered, and how the persons served can be engaged in the community.
    • Persons served making decisions about the rhythm of their day, the services provided to them, and the issues that are important to them.
    • Cultural competence, flexibility, and safety and security of the community.

    Persons served are the experts regarding life in their home. Their voices are heard and their life stories, wishes, and needs drive service delivery. Persons served and personnel celebrate the cycles of life and connect to the local community to continue relationships that nurture the quality of everyday life.

    Leadership commits to continuous learning and growth, teamwork, empowerment, responsiveness, and spontaneity. A person-centered long-term care community is a place where persons served want to live, people want to work, and both choose to stay.

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