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  • Early Childhood Development

    An early childhood development program promotes healthy physical, mental, and emotional development of the child. Early childhood development programs provide services and resources that assist the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) to identify and accept responsibility for the management of their child’s health and development. Services may be provided in congregate or community settings, or in a home setting, and include education, training, and hands-on support. Services are directed to identified children and their families, and are designed to optimize development, functioning, and resilience and prevent developmental delay. Such programs may also engage families, child care providers, and communities in planning for and providing inclusive child care in community settings that support the child’s developmental goals.

    These standards are aligned with the implementation of Quality Rating Improvement Systems (QRIS) utilized by many states in the U.S. to assess, improve, and communicate the quality of services in early childhood development programs.

    Early childhood development programs seeking accreditation are encouraged to use the CARF standards and the identified state QRIS when developing and providing services.

    Some examples of programs include:

    • Families First
    • Early Intervention (Canada)
    • Supported child development programs
    • Home visitation
    • Family enhancement
    • Looking After Children
    • Building Blocks
    • Healthy Families America
    • Head Start
    • Better Beginnings, Better Futures
    • Child/youth development centers
    • Infant development programs
    • Birth to three (0–3) programs
    • First Steps
    • Early Start
    • Early Years

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