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    Today, accreditation is more important than ever for human service programs.

    In a market where consumers can make choices, how do you know they will choose you? More and more, consumers look for accredited organizations as a sign of quality before choosing a service. Accreditation is evidence to consumers that an organization is committed to encouraging feedback, continuously improving services, and serving the community.

    For a provider, accreditation demonstrates its commitment to enhance performance, manage risk, and distinguish itself from competing organizations.

    When you decide to become accredited, choosing the right accrediting body is essential. You need an accrediting body that's the best fit for your unique blend of services. An accrediting body that is internationally recognized for its impartial, external peer review in the human service field. An accrediting body that will not only accredit your services, but will also add real value to your organization.

    You need CARF. CARF has been a leading, independent, nonprofit accrediting body of human services since 1966. With guidance from the field, including providers, funders, and, most important, the persons receiving services and their families, we develop standards that are focused on outcomes and the satisfaction of the persons served. And, with no hidden charges or surprise interpretations of standards, our accreditation process is transparent.

    Perhaps you're wondering, "Is CARF accreditation worth the effort?" The answer is yes. True, it's not as simple as paying fees and receiving a certificate. CARF applies a rigorous set of internationally recognized organization and program standards during an on-site survey. We are not, however, a policing commission. We work with you to help you meet the standards. The CARF survey is distinguished by our hallmark approach that is consultive rather than inspective. Accountability and quality are the objectives, yet our approach allows your organization to incorporate the standards into practices to reflect your unique mission, vision, and identity as a human service provider.

    CARF accreditation is more than a certificate on the wall. It is evidence that your organization strives to improve efficiency, fiscal health, and service delivery -- creating a foundation for continuous quality improvement and consumer satisfaction. Insurers, third-party payers, and governmental regulators are likely to see CARF-accredited services as a better risk. Ultimately, our greatest value is assuring the persons you serve, and their families, that your services are focused on their unique needs. Maybe that's why we have tens of thousands of programs who have chosen CARF as their accrediting body. Here's what a few of our satisfied customers have to say:

    "Our involvement with CARF has benefited the people we serve beyond belief."

    "I sincerely believe that the reason our program has become strong over the last decade is due to the implementation of CARF."

    "The CARF standards provide a road map to quality service."

    When you're looking to increase consumer confidence and improve performance, you need CARF.

    Thank you.

    View and listen to the three-minute About CARF movie. (Flash, 3 min.)

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