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American Psychiatric Association rejoins CARF International’s IAC

With a membership of more than 37,800 psychiatrists, APA offers an unparalleled view of behavioral health trends and practices

November 15, 2018, Tucson, Arizona — The American Psychiatric Association (APA)—the largest psychiatric professional organization in the world—has accepted an invitation to join CARF’s International Advisory Council (IAC).

APA’s new IAC membership resumes a long history of alliance with CARF. In addition to past representation on the IAC and CARF’s former Board of Trustees, APA has worked in parallel with CARF for many years to promote quality care for individuals with mental illness or substance use disorders (SUD).

“CARF is honored to have the American Psychiatric Association rejoin our International Advisory Council,” says Brian J. Boon, Ph.D., President/CEO for CARF. “They are a natural fit with the IAC and will be a valued contributor to advancing our accreditation standards and quality of care.”

APA’s addition to CARF’s IAC comes at a time of progress in the mental and behavioral healthcare arena. Payers and regulators are exploring new funding and performance models, and community-based services and integrations are growing in access and quality. General healthcare settings, which treat the majority of patients who need services for mental health and SUD, increasingly are adopting best practices to treat this population. Through the IAC and CARF standards, APA will be able to provide feedback on the best practices that affect quality of care in a growing range of primary and specialty settings.

“The American Psychiatric Association is committed to ensuring that all patients with mental illness are provided the highest quality of care regardless of where they are treated,” said APA CEO and Medical Director Saul Levin, M.D., M.P.A. “We look forward to working with CARF to ensure this happens in CARF-accredited programs.”

With its position on CARF’s IAC, APA aims to advance the following values:

  • Informing policy and standards for all clinicians, facilities, and health systems that treat individuals with mental illness and SUD.
  • Encouraging multi-stakeholder input when defining high quality patient care.
  • Identifying and eliminating gaps in patient safety, like the provision of inappropriate care.

About the IAC

CARF's IAC comprises organizational and individual members representing the spectrum of CARF’s accreditation services. Members provide guidance on the development of CARF standards and input on issues affecting fields in which CARF offers accreditation. The addition of APA to the IAC increases the total member count to 46 organizational and 5 individual members. A list of IAC members can be found at

11/15/2018 10:30:00 AM

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