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  • Ongoing communication of administrative items and significant events

    Every accredited organization is required to provide timely information to CARF about certain events that occur within or affect the organization or its accredited programs and services. Information about the events listed below must be communicated to CARF within 30 days* of their occurrence.

    For each reportable event, please download the appropriate form below (Microsoft® Word format), complete and save the form, and send it along with any necessary supporting documentation to CARF by email to or by fax to (520) 318-1129.

    * U.S. organizations accredited under the CCRC Standards Manual that receive a level 3 and/or 4 deficiency from a CMS survey must report to CARF International within 48 hours of receiving the deficiency. 

  • Four professionals participating in a meeting via a conference call

  • The Ongoing Communication forms simplify reporting and expedite the review of significant changes and situations.

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