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CARF to celebrate 50th anniversary throughout 2016

By Brad Contento, corporate communications, CARF International

Brad ContentoWe are excited to announce that CARF International will be celebrating its 50th year of business in 2016. Please join us as we celebrate the anniversary and honor the people and groups that have made the continued pursuit of our mission possible.

Throughout the year, we will release publications and other materials to our 50th anniversary webpage, such as articles, artwork from persons served, an interactive timeline, an online guestbook, and other neat additions.

Visit the 50th anniversary page now.

If you haven’t already, please follow CARF via social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or YouTube to stay up to date on the releases, or check back here at the blog.

Why we celebrate, and why you should too
Our 50th anniversary is not only about CARF. This occasion represents a chance for us to recognize the many influencers who have worked alongside us to improve health and human services over the past 50 years. It is a continuous process that is only made possible by many groups and people working together. If you are reading this post, then you are likely among those working toward this goal. This celebration is about you.

Throughout the year, we would like to honor:

Providers of services
Organizations that commit to continuously improve their services should be commended. They are the ones in the field every day developing best practices and gathering feedback. Based on their efforts, each passing year sees a wider variety of unique service offerings ever more centered on the needs of individuals being served.

CARF surveyors
Surveyors make the exchange of ideas and best practices possible. Using their expertise to consult and guide other organizations, they ensure that the latest knowledge gets spread throughout the industries so that persons receiving service everywhere can benefit.

International Advisory Council (IAC) members
Membership and advocacy organizations that represent interests across the spectrum of health and human service industries play a vital role in raising the bar of quality. CARF’s IAC includes some of the top representatives of this unique group of associations. Their specialty understanding of specific populations and aspects of care is invaluable when they advise on the creation and update of standards.

CARF’s board members
The CARF Board of Directors is another group that contains representatives from across the spectrum of health and human service industries. CARF’s board is comprised of top experts from various fields who set CARF on the most beneficial path to be successful in our mission. We are always thankful for their continuity and commitment.

Persons served and their families
Persons receiving services are the most important group in the CARF universe. Whether it is someone needing services related to welfare for children, rehabilitation for a disability, treatment for addiction or substance abuse, or living well after retirement, CARF serves as a catalyst to enhance their experience. Their input and needs are ingrained into everything we do. When we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we celebrate the progress made for the persons served.

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