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Artwork exhibit artists visit CARF

By Brad Contento, corporate communications, CARF International

Throughout 2016, we have been showcasing artwork from persons served and other stakeholders as part of CARF’s 50th anniversary celebration (The fifth slideshow was recently released and can be viewed at the persons served artwork webpage). The word has gotten out, and CARF’s office in Washington, DC, was recently visited by two people connected with some of the art pieces.

Pictured first is Amanda Doemland, program analyst for the VHA Homeless Program Office in Washington, DC. Amanda’s mother, Pamela Miner, submitted a painting titled My Mother’s Kitchen. Amanda was elated when she saw her mother’s painting.

Amanda Doemland
Amanda Doemland with her mother’s painting

Here is a closer look at the painting:

My Mother’s Kitchen
Title: My Mother’s Kitchen
Artist: Pamela Miner

Pictured next is Noella Cypress-West. Noella is an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) at Tampa General Hospital, which is CARF accredited. She has two pieces in CARF’s collection: Grace and Woman. Her art was among the original submissions in response to CARF’s first invite to help decorate the Washington, DC, office.

Noella Cypress-West
Noella Cypress-West with her two pieces

Here is a closer look at the paintings:

Title: Grace
Artist: Noella Cypress-West


Title: Woman
Artist: Noella Cypress-West

To learn more about the artwork in the 50th anniversary exhibit, read the article titled The story behind the 50th anniversary persons served artwork exhibit. Thank you, Amanda and Noella, for stopping by.

(50th Anniversary)

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