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The Value of Professional Development

Take advantage of CARF surveyor training and experience

By CARF International

I know you face many challenges as a health and human services leader. One growing area of concern for many is workforce shortage.

An aging population and rapid changes in the healthcare environment have put strains on staffing. Exacerbating this are an improved economy and low unemployment rate. Although welcome, these factors increase competition for filling open roles.

Professional development

Attracting, developing, and retaining qualified staff can be a major obstacle to providing quality services. Offering professional development is an answer to this challenge that can greatly benefit organizations competing for highly qualified staff. And, it’s a valuable way to engage and reward current employees—contributing to retention.

Professional development also supports succession planning by preparing staff for positions of greater responsibility. It’s very appealing to employees who are looking to keep their skills relevant in a rapidly changing world.

A study by BetterBuys found, “Even among employees who aren’t offered professional development opportunities, an extraordinary amount believe [those opportunities are] a big deal. In fact, we found 92% of employees think having opportunities is either important or very important.”

The same study reported extrinsic factors like pay, fancy offices, free lunches, and other perks only prevent dissatisfaction—rather than contribute to engagement.

CARF surveyor training and experience

CARF-accredited organizations can take advantage of a unique professional development opportunity by encouraging staff to become peer surveyors. CARF surveyors are professionals in their fields with primary employment at CARF-accredited organizations.

This elite team is recognized among the most knowledgeable and respected experts in their field—in large part due to the training and experience they gain as a CARF surveyor. Listen to CARF surveyors talk about the professional development they received and the value to their organizations.

CARF surveyors have numerous opportunities to network with a diverse group of leaders and other professionals in their field. Through onsite surveys, conferences, and training events, they gain exposure to quality systems and field best practices at other organizations. Organizations gain an in-house expert to best support CARF standards and quality programs.

Joanne F. Finegan, CEO and President, ReMed, wrote us recently to say:

“Currently, we have three trained CARF surveyors on staff. I have found the training and resources they received from CARF greatly benefit our organization’s focus on quality and our understanding of the CARF standards. Additionally, the opportunities they each have to observe and network with other organizations gives them a wonderful view into best practices in clinical and quality management systems.”

Take advantage of the professional development resource offered to CARF-accredited organizations, and encourage your emerging leaders to become CARF surveyors.

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