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  • CARF 202: Maintaining Successful Accreditation

    CARF 202 training is designed for accredited organizations preparing for resurvey or individuals who have attended a CARF 101.

    This intensive and dynamic workshop offers hands-on support in developing or refining the plans and procedures necessary to demonstrate conformance to the CARF standards. Not all standards will be covered in this workshop.

    In addition to the workshop exercises, significant changes in the standards manual will be highlighted.

    CARF 202 training topics may include:

    • New programs and standards.
    • Discussion of most commonly missed CARF standards.
    • Practical examples of organizational conformance to the standards.
    • Effective business management and service delivery practices.

    All presentations and materials are provided in English.

    Click on the event name for further information and to register.

  • Opioid Treatment Program

    March 15, 2017
    OTP 202: Maintaining Successful Accreditation in Opioid Treatment Program
    Orlando, FL, United States
    Attendance is limited. Register now!

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  • Small group of professionals listening to presentation

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