Field reviews

CARF has an interdisciplinary approach when introducing or revising standards. All proposed standards (new or revised) are developed with input from experts in the field and posted online for an open feedback period called a field review. We invite service providers, consumers, caregivers, payers/regulators, insurers, and other interested to provide anonymous feedback on the standards.

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Active field reviews

There are no open field reviews at this time.

No additional standards are planned for field review in 2023.


  • Medical Rehabilitation: Concussion Rehabilitation Programs


  • Aging Services: Residential Communities
  • All accreditation areas: Information and Communication Technologies
  • Behavioral Health: Crisis Programs
  • Child and Youth Services: Crisis Programs


  • Medical Rehabilitation: Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation


  • Behavioral Health: Crisis Stabilization
  • Child and Youth Services: Crisis Stabilization


  • All accreditation areas: Performance Measurement, Management, and Improvement


  • Behavioral Health: Office-Based Opioid Treatment Programs
  • All accreditation areas: Technology
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