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  • Who we are

    Founded in 1966 as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services in the following areas:

    • Aging Services
    • Behavioral Health
    • Child and Youth Services
    • Employment and Community Services
      • Vision Rehabilitation Services
    • Medical Rehabilitation
    • Opioid Treatment Program

    The CARF International group of companies currently accredits more than 65,000 programs and services at over 30,000 locations. More than 13.7 million persons of all ages are served annually by 9,000-plus CARF-accredited service providers.

    CARF accreditation extends to countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

    Structure of CARF

    Eleven elected members of the CARF Board of Directors approve policies regarding standards development and the accreditation process and fiscal matters governing the operation of CARF. The board's composition reflects individuals whose expertise, experience, and perspectives are invaluable to CARF's business interests and success:

    • Board Chair: Donald J. Dew, M.S.W., ACSW, Chicago, Illinois
    • Susanne M. Bruyère, Ph.D., CRC, Ithaca, New York
    • Thomas J. Buckley, Ed.D., La Puente, California
    • Richard Forkosh, Kirkwood, Missouri
    • G. Thomas Heath, Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Kayda Johnson, Naples, Florida
    • Marvin Mashner, CPA, Maple Glen, Pennsylvania
    • Paul Prem Nathenson, D.N.P., APRN, NP-C, ND, Oregon City, Oregon
    • D. Sharon Osborne, Bainbridge Island, Washington
    • Robert H. Short, Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Herb Zaretsky, Ph.D., New York, New York

    CARF Canada and CARF Europe are governed by their respective boards:

    • Board Chair: Brian J. Boon, Ph.D., Tucson, Arizona

    CARF also benefits from national associations and individuals joining together in support of the value of accreditation through membership in the International Advisory Council (IAC). These member associations and individuals represent a broad range of expertise and specialties. They support CARF's mission, vision, core values, and purposes by providing input on standards and related matters.

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