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  • CARF Europe

    Many service providers have selected CARF™ as their accreditor of choice in the programme fields of:

    • Aging Services
    • Behavioural Health
    • Child and Youth Services
    • Employment and Community Services
    • Medical Rehabilitation
    • Vision Rehabilitation Services

    Incorporated in 2008, the CARF Europe office opened in 2014 to better serve European service providers. CARF Europe maintains an office in London, England.

    CARF surveyors

    CARF's emphasis on an international model of accreditation engages international representatives on site surveys.

    The benefits of becoming a surveyor include being knowledgeable about the CARF standards, having an opportunity to see first-hand other service providers in the field, and influencing standards development. If you are interested in becoming a surveyor, please review the Become a surveyor brochure (PDF) New window icon      and visit the surveyor page.

    Consultative staff

    Our staff members regularly consult with service providers at various stages of the accreditation process. They offer helpful information on how to prepare for CARF accreditation. Service providers are welcome to call toll free at +001 (520) 325-1044 to discuss information and training needs.

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