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  • Supported Living (SL)

    Supported living addresses the desires, goals, strengths, abilities, needs, health, safety, and life span issues of persons living in their own homes (apartments, townhouses, or other residential settings). Supported living services are generally long term in nature, but may change in scope, duration, intensity, or location as the needs and preferences of individuals change over time.

    Supported living refers to the support services provided to the person served, not the residence in which these services are provided. A sampling of these sites will be visited as part of the interview process of the person served. Although the residence will generally be owned, rented, or leased by the person who lives there, the organization may occasionally rent or lease an apartment when the person served is unable to do so. Typically, in this situation the organization would cosign or in other ways guarantee the lease or rental agreement; however, the person served would be identified as the tenant. The home or individual apartment of the person served, even when the organization holds the lease or rental agreement on behalf of the person served, is not included in the survey application or identified as a site on the accreditation outcome.

    Note: The term home is used in the following standards to refer to the dwelling of the person served; however, CARF accreditation is awarded based on the services provided. This is not intended to be certification, licensing, or inspection of a site. 

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