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  • Community Employment Services

    Community employment services assist persons to obtain successful community employment opportunities that are responsive to their choices and preferences. Through a strengths-based approach the program provides person-directed services/supports to individuals to choose, achieve, and maintain employment in integrated community employment settings.

    Work is a fundamental part of adult life. Individually tailored job development, training, and support recognize each person’s employability and potential contribution to the labor market. Persons are supported as needed through an individualized person-centered model of services to choose and obtain a successful employment opportunity consistent with their preferences, keep the employment, and find new employment if necessary or for purposes of career advancement.

    Such services may be described as individualized competitive employment, individual placements, contracted temporary personnel services, competitive employment, supported employment, transitional employment, mobile work crews, contracted work groups in the community, community-based SourceAmerica® contracts, and other business-based work groups in community-integrated designs. In Canada employment in the form of bona fide volunteer placements is possible.

    Individuals may be paid by community employers or by the organization. Employment is in the community.

    The following service categories are available under Community Employment Services (please refer to the program descriptions and applicable standards):

    • Job Development (CES:JD)
    • Employment Supports (CES:ES)

    If an organization provides only Job Development or Employment Supports, then it may be accredited for only that service. If it is providing both Job Development and Employment Supports, then it must seek accreditation for both. If any clarification is needed, please contact your CARF resource specialist. There is no charge for consultation.

    Note: In making the determination of what an organization is actually providing in comparison to these service descriptions, these factors are considered: the mission of the services, the program descriptions, brochures and marketing image for these services, and the outcomes of the services.

  • Job Development

    Successful job development concurrently uses assessment information about the strengths and interests of the person seeking employment to target the types of jobs available from potential employers in the local labor market. Typical job development activities include reviewing local employment opportunities and developing potential employers/customers through direct and indirect promotional strategies. Job development may include facilitating a hiring agreement between an employer and a person seeking employment. Some persons seeking employment may want assistance at only a basic, informational level such as support for a self-directed job search.

    Some examples of the quality outcomes desired by the different stakeholders of these services include:

    • Persons obtain community employment.
    • Persons obtain individualized competitive employment.
    • Employment matches interests and desires of persons.
    • Wages, benefits, and hours of employment achieved as desired.
    • Average number of hours worked per week increases.
    • Average number of hours worked per week meets the desires of the person served.
    • Full-time employment with benefits.
    • Transition-age youth move directly from their educational environment into community employment.
    • Job retention/length of employment.
    • Potential for upward mobility.
    • Self-sufficiency.
    • Integration.
    • Responsive services.
    • Safe working conditions.
    • Cost-effective for placement achieved.
    • Reasonable length of time from referral to placement.
    • Employers satisfied with the services.

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