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  • Home and Community Services

    Home and Community Services (HCS) are person centered and foster a culture that supports autonomy, diversity, and individual choice. Individualized services are referred, funded, and/or directed by a variety of sources. In accordance with the choice of the person served, the services provided promote and optimize the activities, function, performance, productivity, participation, and/or quality of life of the person served.

    The Home and Community Services may serve persons of any ages, from birth through end of life. Services may be accessed in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, private homes, residential settings, schools, workplaces, community settings, and health settings. Services are provided by a variety of personnel, which may include health professionals, direct support staff, educators, drivers, coaches, and volunteers and are delivered using a variety of approaches, supports, and technology.

    Services are dynamic and focus, after a planning process, on the expectations and outcomes identified by both the person served and the service providers. The service providers are knowledgeable of care options and linkages to assist the person served; use resources, including technology, effectively and efficiently; and are aware of regulatory, legislative, and financial implications that may impact service delivery for the person served. The service providers are knowledgeable of their roles in and contribution to the broader health, community, and social services systems.

    Home and Community Services must include at least one of the following service delivery areas:

    • Services for persons who are in need of specialized services and assistance due to illness, injury, impairment, disability, or a specific age or developmental need.
    • Services for persons who need assistance to access and connect with family, friends, or co-workers within their homes and communities.
    • Services for persons who need or want help with activities in their homes or other community settings.
    • Services for caregivers that may include support, counseling, education, respite, or hospice.

    Note: A service provider seeking accreditation for Home and Community Services is not required to provide all four of the service delivery areas identified in the service description. However, it must include in the site survey all of the service delivery areas it provides that meet the service description.

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