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  • Amputation Specialty Programs

    A person-centered Amputation Specialty Program utilizes a continuum of care with a holistic interdisciplinary team approach. Interventions address the needs and desires of the person served and family/support systems and include, but are not limited to medical, rehabilitation, behavioral, psychosocial, vocational, avocational, and educational needs; prosthetic, orthotic, and pedorthic services; equipment; self-management of healthcare; preventive strategies; identification and use of peer support; and techniques to facilitate empowerment. The program supports and establishes connections to the local and national community that enhance the quality of the person’s everyday life. The person served actively participates as a member of the interdisciplinary team to develop and understand the services provided and the impact on functional abilities.

    The Amputation Specialty Program focuses on strategies of collaboration to impact perioperative care, prevention, minimizing impairment, maximizing independent function, and maximizing the quality of life of the person served. Through the use of performance indicators, the program measures the results achieved for the persons served across the continuum offered.

    An Amputation Specialty Program may be provided in a variety of settings, including hospitals, healthcare systems, outpatient clinics, community-based programs, and residential services.

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