EditU eLearning

A resource for community service organizations that serve persons with disabilities to learn computer skills.

CARF is part of a consortium of public and private partners to help people with disabilities and the professionals who serve them access cost-effective on-line training in a variety of professional development and career-related areas. The consortium, known as EditU, includes SkillSoft®, the Association of Rehabilitation Programs in Computer Technology (ARPCT), the Educational Leadership, and the Research and Technology Department at Western Michigan University. EditU offers thousands of hours of corporate quality online SkillSoft training.

SkillSoft is a market leader in on-demand eLearning. It offers training opportunities specifically designed to enhance business, professional, and information technology skills in topic areas such as:

  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Business law and legal compliance
  • Leadership and management
  • Operations
  • Security and network technologies
  • Customer service
  • Personal development
  • Strategic planning
  • Team building

This eLearning format is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of users by making the courseware available at any time. With its self-paced structure, each course is controlled by the user or training adminstrator, allowing maximum flexibility in learning outcomes.

Membership to ARPCT is required to access Skillsoft content through EditU. Membership to ARPCT is intended for programs with a dedicated component for training people with disabilities in computer skills. Such as programs that provide on-line supplemental support to rehabilitation facilities, community-based and other workforce development training, or services to individuals with disabilities that do not have local vocational rehabilitation training and placement support.

Additionally, staff of these types of programs can access the courses available in EditU. These topics directly relate to good business practices and may be beneficial as you prepare for a CARF survey. In addition to these courses, hundreds of other topics are available and tailored to the interests and development of your staff members and persons served. Learn more about the courses available in EditU

ARPCT membership is a cost effective way to leverage resources and provides an excellent return on overall training investment. Annual membership is $495 and provides unlimited course access.