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The technology standards updates are published in the ASPIRE to Excellence® section of all CARF 2019 standards manuals

From portals and apps to electronic health records to firewall and malware protection, technology is increasingly vital to modern health and human services. It can expand an organization’s ability to provide services and increase consumers’ access to them. It also can pose risks that organizations must protect themselves from.

The quality of an organization’s technology systems affects all areas of business and service delivery. CARF’s revamped technology standards will help service providers develop current, comprehensive technology system plans, policies, and procedures within their unique organizational and funding environments.

In 2018, CARF convened an International Standards Advisory Committee and conducted field reviews to gather feedback from health and human services stakeholders about contemporary uses of technology, as well as needs and challenges. More than 550 respondents provided input to shape the new standards, which are now published in all 2019 CARF standards manuals.

The new standards are incorporated into CARF’s ASPIRE to Excellence® quality framework and address a variety of topics related to the use of technology, including:

  • Leadership’s active involvement in technology planning.
  • Technology risk assessment.
  • Regular testing of business-continuity/disaster-recovery procedures.
  • Personnel training on cybersecurity.
  • Using information and communication technologies to deliver services. 

Accredited programs should contact their CARF resource specialist with any questions about the new standards. New programs or programs considering accreditation that would like more information about what the technology standards require, please contact CARF.

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